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Eileen G'Sell



Atomium Riposte 


Babs (who is Belgian but lives in Baltimore) recommends a Brussels brasserie. Babs from the sexy New York book launch, the novel hers, the lighting magic. The book launch at which I tipsied and someone thought I was Tavi Gevinson, the launch after which I joined a threesome, but only half-way (the girl too young). My past stashed in a bag bought for summer and for sequins, a beautiful man of twenty offers up a gratis glass. No matter the age, the skyline mocks the unoffended pigeons. I’ll take olives with that elegy (though I dislike olives). And I’ll take the afternoon to relish, to repent. Who are you, historic view, to profit from my mischief? The cathedral meets my gaze, and says, “You are my cathedral.”

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