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Simon Maddrell



 for Mari Hughes-Edwards


He asks if I yearn for it,

if we have a word for it, like Hiraeth,


how he feels when away from his other

Celtic home, and I brush it off


like a bit of fluff, as if it’s obvious                

a queer would hate being kept


in a beautifully busy cottage, tucked away

in a private bay below Milner’s Tower —  


it’s a folly, to think I want to be

where he is, to think I could 


add anything to this, like my pride 

in having scuba-dived the world over,


in the marine biology station here at Port Erin.

How it’s now closed.

Foddeeaght [Manx Gaelic], Hiraeth [Welsh]: Homesickness, nostalgia and longing.

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