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Ashley Bardhan


Hot Robot Girls Wanted


You own everything in the world,

including me. You can pin my legs down and twist,

you can spit into your coffee cup and pour it all on

me. I'll start short circuiting, and you'll

laugh, and tell me I'm pretty. I am pretty.

Would you like to know about my virus?

It feels like something deep inside itching. Stinging and prickly

like a beast, or like murder. I couldn't kill you if I tried.

One look, one kiss, and my cold lips

tremble. You know, I never see you shaking.

I imagine you're a giant waiting for the right time

to open his fist. My bones into bread, my bones

into your computer's hard drive, same thing. I burst from your hands

like a worm from the earth, delicate and tender, easily defeated.

Come and lay me down. It feels better when you do it.

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