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Martin Jackson



Good mythical morning
we open up the box and
yes it’s the limited edition pencils
oh boy
this a premium package moment alright

and look at those
so what you have here is
doesn’t look it
but under all these white and gray lines

kinda like a barcode and it is
but let me
I’ll get back to that
under all this it is a black pencil
all these lines are kind of painted on

but what else well
it’s stamped in a grey silver
with a silver ferrule and black eraser

what a neat complement
oh boy they
I love this

but yeah so those white and grey lines
on the barrel is what this design is all about

see the basic deal is that this pencil
pays homage to the earliest
a very early science fiction film
A Trip to the Moon
only 13 minutes long
but totally groundbreaking
being that it had actual plot
proper cuts between scenes
which it’s weird to think had to be
well he made
this French guy
George something
he’d made something new
took his audience to the moon
for the very first time
and then look what happened
and so what they have done is take the film

and used movie barcoding
that condenses the film down
so each second or frame or whatever

becomes one of these thin lines
so that the
I mean think about it
the billions of blacks and whites
that make up that entire film
are kind of all here
oh boy alright
well let’s try writing something
shall we.

Part of an online project called tutorials (; funded by the International Literature Showcase, poems were made by scraping and collaging automatic voice-to-text transcriptions created by YouTube's biased algorithms. 

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