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Simon Alderwick


the king of the underworld 

suffers hayfever 

rage of road & of pavement 

can’t cope with internet banking

& has strong feelings against believers

of infinite life 

he often thinks about his lot in life

how time is not on his side 

he sank his inheritance 

into a scheme he barely understands

it makes him nervous 


when he’s crushing a skull in his grip

he feels like an imposter 

sometimes he shouts at his wife

sometimes he shouts at his kids 

it seems an eternity 

he’s been waiting 

for the fires of hell to rain on earth

but if he closes his eyes he swears

he can smell the burning human flesh 

he’s waiting for his therapist 

she’s overran again 

if he could only 

assert himself 

on earth as down below 

every week she reminds him 

he’s not yet 

become king of the underworld

every week she makes him question

if he ever will

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