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Charlie Baylis


your character is very good but it can also be very bad

for poppy cockburn


count the likes before you fry the fox in sesame oil

behold a dialogue between a child refusing to grow up and a responsible adult

&&& every colour inside you is nervous

&&& everything about you suggests negroni season

welcome to a century of complete misery

i sense something about you quite bad 

it is your character

you nod and say get on with it

i came to America and you left me – the ripple of an outstretched ocean

in my fantasies the geese are smothering you

i hold the sunset above your mouth and gently bring it down to your breasts

the night in black with the full moon above a black horse

stop talking 

the geese are tired from collecting oranges from the sea

let’s get real

let’s all back to the future

after dinner we’ve got mist 

we’ve got someone to undress

how strong! how marvellous! how brave!

can i use your bathroom to piss into your aquamarine bathtub?

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